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Build a Travel Website!

One of the more interesting website to build is a travel website. It doesn't have to be something fanciful; it could even be about the place you are living in now. Let's take for example you may be staying in Brisbane, Australia. You lived there all your life and know just about every nook and cranny of the place. Perhaps not all of it, perhaps some of it. And you know the usual travel brochures and travel magazine most of the time spins out the usual popular places, and blah, blah, blah.

They are always repeating the same thing again and again is as if it was written by an editor who just use whatever info that is existing and rewrote it in a different way. But the info is still the same, just a variation on the same topic, the same old places. Nothing new, nothing exciting.

Then along came you.

You know there are more interesting places than what has been rehashed over and over again. So what are you going to do about it? Nothing.

Perhaps there is a lack of incentive for you to show more about what you know. You do know how to write. Perhaps not as well, but that can be improved upon. Hey nothing comes easy, and you can take simple steps and eventually write much better than that.

And of course you need the incentive. Could be a positive or a negative incentive or a combination of both to motivate you to do it. The positive is the possibility of earning a side income from what you are doing and having a kick out of doing it; while the negative is perhaps the fear of a job loss, or bored stiff with your current work but don't know anything else you can do, or even a nasty superior grinding you to death in the work place.

Anyway, let's just say you love what you are doing right now, but starting out a travel website seems like a lot of work. And I'll be honest here. It is a lot of work. Period.

What keeps me going? Well there is the potential of earning some bucks. Google Adsense comes to mind. But that is not the only monetizing option. There are other affiliate programs that are available online. Just a matter of mix and match. Google Adsense by far is the simplest. There are others like Kontera, Chitika, Amazon, Yahoo, and many other affiliate programs online that you can use to garner the incentive to start off your online travel website.

And of course, you also need to have the confidence to know that you can do it. That's half the battle won. If you know you can do it, you surely will be able to make it. Positive thinking is what going to make you and your website successful.

And a travel website is one of the easier ones to start up. You can do research to fill in the gaps in your knowledge while you come up with a spin and style to your travel website. It has to be something different from all the competing website to stand out. And yes, you can do it.

And of course, the geographic location of subject do play a role. Some are just way too competitive, and to be successful you need to put in extra effort. And there some travel topic that is a breeze to get good standing and good website traffic. And how do you do that?

Right, by using Sitesell Site Build It. They have the tools for you to build a good solid travel website. They even have help manual to get you through the steps. They call it the action guide. Follow the instruction as close you can in executing it. More than likely you will find website traffic start come in within a month of your travel website inception.

Of course in the beginning you will have some nagging doubts about what you are doing. No fear, starting like this strikes us all because we don't see the thing happening. So have faith. Having faith is believing in the substance not seen; to borrow a verse from the Bible. Read the action guide again and again and understand what they are trying to tell you to do. Use the tools provided in Site Build It that goes along with what you read in the action guide and starting building your travel website.

And of course travel website means you have to write what you experience. And to do just that you have to visit on site the locations that you want to write about. And just by doing so gives you an additional edge against those travel brochures and travel articles where the editor never even set foot in those places and just rehashed what is already in the public domain.

You can do better than that. You still can pick up the general information from those brochure out in the wild, but add in your own spin and emotion into it. Tell your side of the story. And with the increased number of pages in your website,  you will definitely start to see an increase in the number of website traffic.

After sometime, you know you have got it right when online visitors thinks you are THE GURU to ask for help and guide to the travel destination of your choice.

Ready? Let's go travelling, and make it your business!