Yola - still figuring it out

Posted by Jan Leow on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Under: build a free web site
I've been keeping this Yola account for some time now. Still not too sure what to do with it. I guess it will still be experimental for now. Sure wish it has a basic web hosting same like all the conventional web hosting companies. But I guess Yola is going towards easy drag-and-drop types so that anybody without any HTML/CSS skill could easily create a website for their use, be it personal blogs or business website.

Blogging still needs a little work though. To blog via the web creation process feels a little weird. If it was something like blogger (eg my digital life on the go section) or even like tumblr, that would be great!

Anyway, each company has their own ideas and it is up to the masses to find out how well it would fit into their regular use. If it suits them then they will use more of it. And the way I see, Yola is really popular!

For me, I got many choices. But in the end, I still like the traditional web hosting.
Oh well.

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