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Posted by Jan on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 Under: build a free web site

I’m still keeping this Yola site. It’s been years since when they offered it for free (with a domain thrown in for free at that time) and haven’t touch or added much content. Though I only used a subdomain, it still works well. Using the sitebuilder needs a bit of tinkering. Initially I was just using a grey coloured theme. But that theme didn’t match with my overall site theme. Additionally, mobile web viewing has come to the fore. The old theme couldn’t revert to a mobile theme.

I had to switched to one of the responsive build in theme but was wondering what would happen to my layout and whether it could be edited for theme matching. Turn out to be alright and found this theme which was initially grey like my previous Yola theme. And I could edit its them color to resemble my main site. Not an exact match, but will just have to make do!

For adding more pages, I need to upgrade my Yola package. But I have already a paid hosting elsewhere, and this Yola site is just for my evaluation. So far Yola has been holding its own and still providing the free service. Many others such as Bravenet, Webs and several others has done away with their free service, increase its pricing. Leaving me no choice but to move my content out and stop my evaluation of its service offering. Of course no company can survive on free but without being able to evaluate its service, I won’t know how good or easy to use it.

Next was to write a little extra content in the Yola blog section, just to add a little content and refresh my experience. I think for blogging, Wordpress, Google blogger and Tumblr takes the cake. With best being Wordpress.

Hopefully Yola site will continue and my subdomain can hold. Though I can’t change it anymore unless I upgrade (which at this moment is not so meaningful for me to upgrade). Keeping this subdomain for evaluation until such time it cannot. Then will just see how.

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